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All About Food

All About Food

We Are What We Eat

At Wise Owl, we know that it is super important to put healthy nutritious food into our bodies in order to be able to learn effectively, and all of our meals are produced on site by a qualified Cook.

Toni our Managing Director used to teach Health Education and has personally designed each meal we offer.  It is very important to Toni that all of our meals are made totally from scratch without using jars or processed ingredients.

Every meal takes into account the following factors:

  • Does this meal contain all of the required food groups?
  • Does this meal offer value for money? (we do our best to keep the meal prices low)
  • Most importantly, will our children love this dish?

Only if we can answer a big fat YES to the above questions does that meal then get put onto our menu.

And don’t forget, a little of what you fancy also does you good – so we do offer a balanced amount of home made puddings too alongside fruit.

Growing Our Own

We know that children will get excited about eating when they grow the ingredients themselves.

As specialists in outdoor learning, all of our nurseries have vegetable gardens where the children grow things that are included in our meals.

Our children get to sow the seeds, plant the baby plants, water them and watch them grow.  Eventually they get to pick their prized crop and then help prepare it for eating.  Delicious!!

We also keep hens at nursery.  The children care for the hens on a daily basis and collect the eggs.  We then get to use our beautiful hen eggs in our meals and baking.

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