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At Wise Owl Nurseries we put the most upmost priority on safeguarding your child.  Literally, nothing is more important!  And here are some of the ways in which we do it…..

  • We have a full safeguarding policy which explains what we would do if ever there was an allegation made against a member of our team.
  • Our dedicated Safeguarding Officers are Alexandria Shores and Lucy Polkinghorne. They are the point of contact for any concerns regarding a child’s welfare. We also have at least 2 Deputy Safeguarding Officers at each setting.
  • We work closely with our local Duty Suite and Social Services.
  • We have a password system on entry to our premises and we will not open the door to anyone who is not known to us.
  • The passwords on our live streaming web cams are regularly changed.
  • Adult:child ratio’s are maintained at all times – supervision is high!

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