Outdoor Nursery – Why?

Hello, Mr.Sunshine!

We pride ourselves on being an amazing outdoor Nursery and the time has finally come for us to thrive now have our amazing friend, Mr.Sunshine back!

We are a very outdoor-led Nursery and this past week we have been enjoying every part of the lovely Warm Weather! Being outdoor gives the children so much more opportunity to expand their creativity and imagination!

Why choose an Outdoor Nursery?

The chance to connect with the natural world; first hand experiences of life and growth; endless opportunities for creativity and imagination; improved fitness and physical development – the countless benefits of an outdoor Nursery has a real positive impact on children’s lives.

There has been much research on the subject of the benefits of outdoor play. Helen Bilton, an Educational Advisor and author of ‘Playing Outside’ describes the three main benefits as she sees them:

Firstly, outside is a natural environment for children. There is a freedom associated with the space which cannot be replicated inside. If children feel at home in a particular space it seems natural to teach them in that area; education should not be a chore but an enjoyable worthwhile occupation. Children playing and learning in an outdoor environment appear more active, absorbed, motivated and purposeful, and develop a more positive attitude to learning.

Secondly, the environment where we work and play affects our emotions. Children will often be less inhibited outside, and more willing to join in with activities, talk and come out of their shells. In overcrowded spaces children’s behaviour can change, some can become more aggressive, while others become more solitary.

Thirdly, outdoors is the perfect place to learn through movement, which is one of the four vehicles through which children can learn, the others being play, talk and sensory experiences. All of these happen more naturally outside, but with so much space and so many opportunities to move in different ways, the setting supports learning through movement particularly well.

What do we do outside?

We love to go on lots of trips around our local areas and enjoy the great outdoors! The children get very excited when we say we are going for walks! We look out for many different objects and natural materials to take back with us to the nurseries, we use these resources within our wonderful activities!

There are endless possibilities when your child is in an Outdoor Nursery! From digging for creatures to making a daisy-chain to painting with twigs and mudpaint!

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