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Induction Process

Induction Process

Our induction process is designed to help our children settle when they start their nursery sessions at Wise Owl.

Our main aim is to get the children involved in making things for themselves to use and see e.g. coat pegs, their picture in an owl to be displayed along with painted hand prints on the wall, for visitors to see. By making these items themselves they learn to be independent from their parents, navigate the room by sourcing resources and interact with other children and staff as they engage in the activities together.

All new children that start their journey through nursery have the following made:

  • A ‘Learning Journey’: This details all the child’s learning and development achievements through staff observations, photographs and examples of the child’s work etc. It demonstrates what stage of the EYFS the child is at and identifies areas to focus on to help the child improve their skills at their own pace.
  • Picture inside an owl: Your child will be designated a staff member known as a Key Person with whom your child bonds with most. Their picture will be put up in your Keys Person’s owl to show they belong to a particular grouping.
  • Picture of first day/first week: Your child’s Key Person will provide you with a picture of your child to encapsulate their first few days at nursery and what they have been doing.
  • Hand prints: Children get messy and create hand prints with paint so that we can see how much they have grown when they leave nursery for school.
  • Birthdays on calendar: Your child’s name will be put on the birthday calendar that the children use it to learn the months of the year and celebrate each other’s birthdays with a special birthday ceremony.

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