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Live Streaming Web Cams

Live Streaming Web Cams

We know how hard it is when you first drop your child at nursery.  The constant worry.  Well we provide a safe system for you to be able to watch your child at play.

We are the only nurseries in North Lincolnshire to offer a fully password protected web cam system.  This means you can go on your smart phone, or website, and log on and see your child at play.  It has all the technology required so that no nasty people can access it and the passwords are changed regularly as and when children leave the nursery too.

There are so many people that leave their child at nursery for the first time with their child crying, and then log on five minutes later to see their child happily playing.  It’s true!  And no matter how we might tell you this on the phone, these cameras are worth their weight in gold when you can see it with your own two eyes.

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