Play Sessions!

Did you know we offer Play Sessions?

Play Sessions are a perfect way for Children to get settled into Nursery before their 3 year funding starts!

You can either choose between a morning session or an afternoon session. These sessions will help your child get used to our Nursery and the staff in time for their 3 year funding! We offer lots of different activities and bonding activities that help the children in their development and also helps us to be able to differentiate the children and to know what activities to plan for each individual child to help them better themselves.

Why choose Play Sessions?

Play Sessions are only £5! These sessions were made for the sole purpose of your child. We know that it is a big step in a child’s life to enter Preschool, therefore these sessions are made to help your child as much as we can. We will always do what we can to benefit yours and your child’s life!

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