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We love our Community!

We love our community!

We try to get out in our community as much as possible! We often visit people and places in our community! And here is why we love our community!

During Covid we have missed being out and about and now that we are finally getting to the point of places opening and being able to visit other places we are so happy! We used to do regular visits to our local care homes. We have missed our friends so much!

This is why we love our community!


The children always love a good Outing! Whether its to a care home, the local museum, or even just to our local parks! We see some many wonderful things on the way to any of our local places and always love waving to passers by! We have so many comments on the childrens cute high-vis coats and how well they are all walking. The children love the park the most, they get to choose the slide, swings or roundabouts and learn a lot of their gross motor skills here and love to run around together!

That Smile!


Over the year we have raised hundreds or maybe even thousands of pounds for charities! We often do different sponsored things! Our favourite things to do are sponsored walks, sponsored messy day, dress up day and cake sales! All the children join in and we couldn’t ask for better parents that help us each step of the way!

Fancy Dress Day!

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